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Create a Social Media Presence

Create a Social Media Presence

Small businesses across Ontario are steadily growing their online presence to connect with their customers. Nowadays, it can be difficult to grow a small business if it is not online.

Social Media has proven to be a great platform for small businesses in Ontario to not only promote their products and services, but to also engage, and interact with their customers. For example, many businesses use Twitter to communicate directly with their consumers when they have a concern or a question. Social media allows for a new type of transparency between the customer and the business – which is why it is crucial for a small business to have a solid social media presence that is engaged, and responsive with its community.

A study conducted by Twitter titled: “Small Business Customer Insights Study” [1] concluded that:

  • 70% of respondents Retweet because they like a business’s content.
  • 60% of respondents have purchased from a Small Business because of Twitter.
  • 30% lift in recommendations after a respondent follows a Small Business.

As you can see by the results above, once a social media follower is engaged with a Small Business (SMB), they are more likely to make a purchase and/or recommend your business/brand to someone else.

Creating a strong social media presence in Ontario

The Southern Ontario market is unique, rich with potential, and has a strong social media engagement with many people actively using Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus on their PC’s or their mobile devices.

With all the competition that exists in vying for attention in the digital space, it has become increasingly evident that small businesses need to be accessible not only via social media, but also have a strong presence on it.

The most popular ways of creating a social media presence in Ontario include: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Isaacs Software helps businesses to grow their social media presence in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area to grow their social media presence by using the following tips and tricks.

Quick Tips for Social Media

  • Write 5-10 posts per day
  • Use hashtags to build your brand and identity
  • Daily posts should focus on specials or retweets of positive customer service interactions
  • Post content about local community events that resonate with your target market; this will show your social media followers a more ‘human side’
  • Post about Ontario holidays (i.e. ‘Family Day’) and other significant days such as ‘St. Patrick’s Day’
  • Include posts with pictures and videos that are relevant to your company
  • Include posts that highlight customer service interactions and product/service specials

The key with establishing a Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus presence in Ontario all boils down to engagement. Successful small businesses in Ontario have active social media engagement and through their posts, they build character and rapport. Posting content beyond your products and specials, such as local Ontario news and community events, can show customers that you are actively involved not only in the community but are engaged with the interests of the community – and the more points that a customer can identify with your business beyond a solid product/service, the more likelihood your business has of building brand loyalty and retention.

All this can seem like a difficult mountain to climb; which it is. Growing the social media presence for a small business in Ontario will definitely require a lot of time, resources, and energy to create engaging content. Luckily, Isaacs Software can help you climb this mountain so that you can focus on what you do best; providing quality products & services, while Isaacs Software grows your online presence in your local community and beyond.

If you would like Isaacs Software to help you create a social media presence, feel free to contact us.


[1] business.twitter.com, “The value of a follower” 2014, https://business.twitter.com/basics/grow-and-engage-your-follower-base.

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