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Designing The Ideal Homepage

Designing The Ideal Homepage

Is your business thinking on designing a website? Or is it time to take down that free website that is difficult to update? In both cases, business owners have to understand that one of the many factors of a successful website is having “the ideal homepage”.

The homepage is the first page that users will see when they visit your website – and your homepage will be the deciding factor if your visitors will continue on or find an alternative website. Isaacs Software understands this principle thoroughly and focuses on making an engaging, informative, and useful homepage for your business with the aim of impressing visitors to discover more about your business.

First impressions are critical: which is why Isaacs Software works with businesses to deliver a homepage that has a professional look with modern design principles. Furthermore, our homepages builds trust and confidence, answers questions about your business, and provides clear navigation for the whole website.

Here are some examples of homepages designed by Isaacs Software:

Employs a flat-design Windows 8 feel

Employs a clean industrial feeling

The homepage should have a modular design as well so that it looks elegant on all devices and form factors, while also having the same information as well. Isaacs Software has worked with many businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo region to optimize their content, so that it displays beautifully on all devices.

Some key questions that businesses have to think about when developing the ideal homepage are:

  • Who is my target market?
  • What are their problems? Does my solution solve their problem
  • How can they trust our service/product?
  • What distinguishes us verses our competitors?
  • How can visitors convert into a potential customer?

These questions may not be easy to answer at first – they should be carefully deliberated by your company before you begin to think about building a website. The answers to these questions will make the design of your website much easier to develop because your business will have a better sense of the content you wish to convey, and where it should be placed.

Isaacs Software has many years of experience working with companies to help them answer these questions – as these questions essentially tell the ‘Story’ of your business. This ‘Story’ is what you are selling to your visitors: the first chapter of your story begins by creating the ideal homepage.

Take some time to think about your story, be passionate in expressing your story; because it can be the deciding factor if your book is a New York Times bestseller, or just another mundane book in a sea of other paperbacks.

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