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How to write web design requirements

How to write web design requirements

It happens to all of us – a great idea for a website comes to our mind. Usually, we take our time to reflect on our idea. At some point, we decide our idea is great. So much so, that we would like to make it a reality. But there is always a challenge: the idea is in your mind. To make it a reality, you need to find a way to communicate your web idea with your web designer.  As a result, this question will become relevant: How can I write web design requirements?

At first, it may seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, when there is a will, there is a way. Here are our tips for writing your web design requirements:

The Logo

Your website is designed using the colors of your logo. As a result, the first step is to design a logo for your website. The logo is an image that will become the face of your company. Designing a logo that represents your company, and yourself is the first step in communicating to clients that you are a responsible business.

As a starting point, think of what colors you like, and any text that you want to appear in the logo. Communicate these two ideas to your web designer and start working on a logo for your website.

Website Structure

The next step in writing web design requirements is creating a web structure. This process is as simple as creating a list of all the individual web pages that your website will have.

Website Content

At this point, we have a logo, and have identified all the web pages that we need. Next, we need to think of the content for each webpage our website will contain. For each page, write what is the purpose of the page? Also, if the webpage has a form, try to identify what fields you want to collect from potential clients (this is critical to develop the database of your website).


Often, you may want to clone a website. You may want to skip the process of writing web design requirements and instruct your web designer to “mimic the functionality of this website”.

There are multiple challenges with this phrase for example:

  • Do you need every single webpage of the website you want to clone?
  • What about your budget? If you are a start-up, you may not have enough funds to clone an existing website that may employ thousands of employees.

But the main challenge of this phrase is:

  • As a user, why would I use your website? (if yours is a clone of an already existing website)

When you are writing web design requirements it is critical to think:

  • What will make my website unique?
  • What is going to differentiate me from existing websites?

If your website is the first in its market, then you are setting the trend. Otherwise, finding ways to make your website unique will be critical to your success.

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