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Small Business Security Practices

Small Business Security Practices

Over the past few years the term ‘privacy’ has been a hot topic of conversation as many people have voiced concerns over privacy issues with popular Web services such as Facebook and email providers such as Gmail. Consumers from all over Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto, the GTA, and beyond have been vocal about their right to online privacy, causing the creation, and modification of certain judicial laws. Furthermore, it has prompted businesses owners to be more transparent in how they handle their customer’s data.

Emerging small businesses biggest hurdle at times can be establishing ‘trust’ with a potential customer, especially when it comes to processing online transactions. The reality is that Online Credit Card fraud is on the rise yearly. Nonetheless, at Isaacs Software we have 2 solutions to mitigate this problem:

1- Payment processing services such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and Amazon; these services act as an intermediary between the customer and the small business that processes orders. If you have an existing website that needs one of these solutions integrated, feel free to contact us.

2- Small Businesses may also elect to process credit card payments on their own. However, in this case we need to ensure that your site prominently displays the ‘VeriSign’ logo which indicates that your payment processing services uses SSL encryption. At the same time, it tells your customers that you have taken the necessary steps to care about their information.

If you would like to learn more about both solutions An Isaacs Software associate can walk you through, many businesses in the Toronto, Kitchener, and Waterloo area are learning about the advantages of processing payments themselves or relying on third-parties.

If your business decides to collect data, be aware that ‘data is power’. But with such great power comes great responsibility. In this case the responsibility is to protect your consumer data from hackers.

How can a small business protect sensitive data ?

• First of all, it is imperative that sensitive data is protected using encryption techniques. An Associate at Isaacs Software can talk to you about the different guidelines that our applications follow to keep your customers data secure.

• Also, suspicious emails should be blocked by a strong spam filtering service.

• Additionally, employees of small businesses should be informed not to click on links from unknown senders as clicking links in emails or downloading pictures can leave your computer and network vulnerable to virus attacks.

• Depending on the size and scope of your small business you may want to integrate an Intranet network where sensitive data can be transferred amongst employees – rather than transferring such data over the Internet.

• Enterprise anti-virus software should be installed on all computers that are in your small business, and VPN’s can be used to securely allow remote computers to access your network;

• Other useful tip for Small Businesses is to frequently change passwords for your online social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. For example, it has been noted that many social media accounts from Burger King to Starbucks have been hacked by malicious hackers that resulted in unauthorized inappropriate postings.

As a Small Business online, security and protecting your customer’s privacy is pertinent to the business growing and becoming reputable. Learn how Isaacs Software have helped many small businesses in the Toronto, Kitchener and Waterloo area become more secure and safe for consumers by talking to an Associate today.

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