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Web Development Trends

Web Development Trends

There have been some exciting trends in web development happening in the Southern Ontario region. Many of the premier companies in the Toronto and Waterloo region are opting for a website that puts mobile first; ensuring that their site is responsive to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is beneficial to have a site that automatically detects what device/OS you are using and then display the website accordingly. Gone are the days of creating a ‘m.yoursite.com’ – having one site saves on costs, time, and efficiency. Isaacs Software can help you optimize your site to display beautifully on any device.

Single Page Applications

Another trend emerging is the ‘1 page site’ or Single Page application phenomenon; this involves a website displaying all of its features (contact us, about us, info, etc.) on the main index page. The user only has to scroll down to read through the site and a menu bar is usually static as the page is being scrolled so that the user can quickly jump to any part of the page. Isaacs Software has found that many clients in the Toronto and Waterloo area employ a 1 page site because it is clean, responsive, and is aesthetically pleasing – as well as it is responsive on computer/laptops as well as tablets and smartphones.

As we are living in an age of an increasing overload of information and a decreasing amount of time to pay attention to information, Isaacs Software has been leading the push to reduce text-heavy sites. Let’s face it, most people will find an excuse to not read a website that has a lot of paragraphs – especially long paragraphs with a lot of words; and if they do, most likely they will quickly skim and glance over it. To rectify this, Isaacs Software cleverly uses strong visual imagery and infographics to replace text where necessary. Whether it is stock photography or images from a photoshoot by Isaacs Software’s Graphic Design Team, a strong image can evoke powerful feelings and meanings that may convert viewers into customers. As well, inforgraphics can be used to elegantly display details and/or to convey a message to your website visitors. Depending on the information displayed in the infographics, it has the opportunity to go viral and may even be used as marketing materials on complimentary sites, blogs, or on social media.

We are only halfway throughout the year, and some exciting trends are occurring in web development in the Greater Toronto Area, we are excited to see what the rest of the year holds in store.

If you would like to seize the opportunity and see how Isaacs Software can integrate some of these trends into your current website, contact us.

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