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Emerging and established businesses in the Greater Toronto, Kitchener, and Waterloo area often overlook a key component when starting there business – branding. Branding is an integral component to any business; it is the first interaction that a business has with a potential customer that can either persuade them in a positive or negative fashion. The term ‘branding’ encompasses everything from the logo/visual identity used to represent a company, to the slogan used by a company. Visual Identity is imperative to a business. Multinational corporations are known to spend millions of dollars in Research & Development to ascertain what visual identity for a company will illicit a favorable impression. Locally, many successful businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto areas spend a considerable time figuring out a solution of creating their own unique visual identity.

At Isaacs Software, our graphic designers have a background in graphic design, marketing, and communications/psychology, which results in creating a fitting visual identity for small-medium businesses that require branding for their website.

The process of designing a new visual identity involves our Graphic Designers meticulous selecting differing fonts, colors, imagery, symbolism, and other graphical images that relate to the functions of your business. At Isaacs Software we aim to fully understand the core of your business in order to design a Visual Identity that fits with the theme/tone of your business.

The common design elements that we utilize in Visual Identity are flat design, skeumorphism, and 3-D.

Flat Design became popular in the mid 2000’s as it adopted a simple design structure usually composed of one or two-tone colors in the form of a symbol/icon or typography.

Skeumorphism is a design concept that aims to imitate a real-life image in a digital fashion. This type of design has been with us for awhile in forms of our Desktop computers to our mobile phones in how they design icons to relate to certain apps (i.e. an icon that looks like a ‘notepad’ is the notepad application)

3-D Logos are used to illustrate depth of field; this type of design for visual identity is not used as much, but it can still be an effective design method for certain businesses.

Having an effective visual identity is crucial to your business; it is important to methodically and carefully plan what you want your visual identity to project to others. In the highly competitive small business corridor of the Greater Toronto Area and Kitchener-Waterloo, your visual identity is the first connection to potential and existing customers – and it is the key factor in distinguishing your business from the competition. Having the right visual identity is important as the design needs to be able to be placed on all of your corporate documents, products, and your visual identity has to be able to adapt to different backgrounds (for example, having a visual identity that has a transparent background so that it can be placed on a white or black background).

Contact us and let Isaacs Software help you in creating your unique powerful visual identity today.

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