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Website or Blog?

Website or Blog?

Your small business has finally decided to have an online presence, or you have decided to revamp your outdated website. You have come to the conclusion that you want something to showcase your inventory or list your extensive services. At the same time, you want to be engaged with your customers, and have an active social media presence.

If this is your case, you need to understand the concepts of a website, and a blog. So, what’s the difference between a blog and a website? Which is right for your growing small business?

At Isaacs Software, we have compiled an easy breakdown of the differences between a website and a blog.


A website can be defined as a collection of related web pages that are typically hosted on a single web domain. The websites collectively makeup what we know as the ‘Internet’; websites are comprised of Web markup code known as HTML to render text, images, and video. Businesses primarily use websites to host content such as product information, services provided, catalogue inventories, and to process transactions.


Blogs are essentially ‘websites’ as they are a collection of Web pages as well. However, Blogs have a focus on being more personal, transparent, and informative.

The concept of Blogs began to gain popularity in the early 2000’s when Blogging platforms such as ‘WordPress’ and ‘Blogger’ released platforms that allowed people to literally post what they want: from food, fashion, their pets, and from any and everything under the sun. Blogs gave a personal insight into a person’s mundane or exciting life; and bloggers were very frequent with their posts – some posting a few times a day. With the ability to ‘follow’ bloggers and keep up with their updates via notifications, this created a connection between the blogger and follower.

Once businesses realized this, and further realized the potential of a connected following, businesses began adding a blogging component to their website; primarily, they use their blogs to talk about news within their company, funny anecdotes, cool company products, and other engaging content that they feel will have a personal connection with their followers/readers. On a Macro level, companies use blogging to continue the ‘story’ of their company – the Mission Statement, their values, and their marketing plan. The subjects of their blog entries will be different, but the blog entries will have recurring themes that tie back to the company’s principles.

What is right for you?

Isaacs Software has built many Web solutions for clients in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and Toronto area, which include developing robust websites, and blogs. Some small businesses start off with a blog because they may not have a lot of inventory or not much content to post; but they still want to be actively engaged with their customers.

Eventually, such clients outgrow a blog and have to launch a full website as their business grows and they want to do more online. A combination of both is what most businesses have done as of late: the website provides the ‘meat and potatoes’ where transactions are processed and detailed company information is held, while the blog acts as the ‘trimmings’ where posts exuding the company’s values and marketing plan are stored.

The solution for your own business depends on a few factors such as: how often do you plan to update your site? How open do you want to be with your customers? What kind of feelings/impression do you want to exude on your customers?

These questions are not always easy to answer, but the experienced and qualified staff at Isaacs Software can help find the answers so that you can decide whether you need a website, blog, or a combination of both.

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